sábado, 20 de octubre de 2007

Vidoe/curso sobre gestió de los CIRT

os CIRT, /Computer Incident Response Team/, son los equipos responsables de actuar ante un incidente de seguridad informátia. Existe un CDROM con un video sobre un curso de gestión de equipos CIRT...
La temática es:

In /Forming a TEAM/, you’ll learn about the history of incident response;
typical network attacks; CIRT services and service levels, policies and
procedures; and staff recruitment. /Handling Computer Security Incidents/
covers types of attacks, security tools, the triage process, technical
requirements, the tracking system, information and response needs, and the
telephone hotline. In /Managing a Team/, the importance of securing a CIRT,
code of conduct, incident prioritization, and approaches to managing
workload are discussed. In /Reporting, IAVAs and INFOCONS/ will be reviewed
as well as CIRT reporting requirements.

After you complete the entire course, you can print a course completion

Por el momento no lo he descargado, pero por si a alguien le puede interesar os he posteado la referencia...

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